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Offering dispute resolution services, family mediation, divorce coaching, and family group conferencing through safe and supportive expertise.

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At Gateway to Change, we offer Dispute Resolution services that promote equity, fairness, and an overall sensitive approach to handling your dispute. We cultivate empathy, cultural humility and solution-focused methodologies that condition the notion of your being in control of your outcome throughout the whole process. Developing effective processes for the families and individuals that access our services is exactly what we strive for, as we know not all disputes are the same- there is diversity in conflict.


Connect with us today to begin the process of restoring structure and creating a balance that fits your family dynamic, We are here to help!




Family mediation is a way of supporting individuals to resolve issues relating to parenting, separation, and/or divorce. A trained family mediator is a neutral third party that can guide individuals to uncover and develop their own solutions in a safe and relaxed setting.


Using the traditional adversarial court process, oftentimes exacerbate problems, our goal is to create a safe space for difficult conversations to be held and assist in developing a model that best serves the desired outcome for the families.


If you are facing separation or divorce, or need to change existing agreements family mediation can help you prioritize arrangements for children, property, finance, and/or other important matters. 


The following issues can be mediated with our service at Gateway to Change: Parenting Time, Child Support, Parenting Plans, Co-Parenting issues, Major Decision Making

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Family Mediation


Emotional reactions can often lead to less desirable outcomes for an individual and blindside you of attaining insight regarding current issues. While the knowledge of “what needs to be done” is extremely clear, the process often becomes derailed. Divorce coaching is designed to assist individuals going through the divorce/ separation process to curate pragmatic approaches in moving forward.


Our Divorce coach has knowledge surrounding the impact separation/ divorce has on individuals, children, and extended loved ones. Ultimately, the goal is to work in the best interest of our client and provide holistic support to ease with this transition.

Divorce Coaching


The process of unlearning, releasing and recentering can be a difficult one to accomplish on your own. With the guidance, support and expertise, at Gateway to Change, we tailor an approach that is suitable to your needs.


Being client-focused, culturally responsive and equipped to handle sensitive and challenging conversations, we welcome you to use a free consultation to further explore how best we can meet your needs.

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Counselling Services


This process's main objective is to give the extended family an opportunity to voice their opinions, state their fears, and collaborate with each other to create a plan that prioritizes the child’s best welfare. This form of Alternative Dispute Resolution engages families in the child welfare protection context and promotes, as well as sustains a culturally diverse and sensitive approach to the discussion. This Alternative Dispute resolution option is designed to empower families to use their autonomy to cultivate appropriate solutions for their disputes. Members of the family, friends and community members are able to incorporate family values in addressing concerns that have been outlined by the child welfare professionals and emerge with outcomes that incorporate the children returning to or keeping them within the extended family structure.

Family Moments
Family Group Conferencing

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We love to see our clients thrive


Starting Family Mediation with Monique Browne was one of the best decisions I made.


Monique Browne offers real hard concrete options which  make individuals feel safe and heard.


Monique has made it easy and painless to deal with personal issues and find resources. 

Transitional periods are not always swift, easy, or fluid, however, it does not represent the end.


A change can signify a new beginning!

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